Spotify with Touch Bar support

Spotify is another company supporting the Touch Bar, the new MacBook Pro. The updated music app takes full advantage of the extra display that comes with these laptops.

The Touch Bar is one of the most unusual features of the new MacBook Pro. This is a slim touch screen display in OLED technology that replaced the traditional function buttons. With this solution, you can create buttons that are ideally suited to your specific application, making it easy to handle various types of programs.

The Touch Bar is a relatively new element. So its use is limited so far, though it is changing more and more. Another company supporting the additional display is Spotify. The well-known music service has updated its client for MacOS, allowing you to control your music with the Touch Bar.

MacBook users can turn on or stop music playback, jump songs, skip track, turn random play, and even search for favorite songs with the touch of a button.