Single speaker from BOSE to any TV

Single Solo TV is elegant, works well as a living room sound system, makes watching TV more enjoyable.

The Bose Solo system greatly improves the quality of listening to dialogues, music, action scenes and sound effects on television programs. The Solo TV system incorporates a special Bose patented digital signal processing technology that delivers deep, full details of pure sound. Users can hear dynamic and natural sound even at low volume. No matter what kind of television program, the sound quality is always of the highest quality.

"Over the years, the quality of the television image has improved dramatically, which can not be said for sound," said Doug Lankford, Marketing of Home Cinema Systems at Bose. "The Bose Solo TV sound system has been developed for TV lovers who do not want to use home cinema systems. Just listen to see how far you've been watching your favorite shows. "

The Bose Solo TV system is only 7.1 inches high, 52.6 centimeters wide and just over 30 centimeters deep. It will work with any TV but is designed to be placed directly under flat-panel televisions, whose base dimensions do not exceed 51 cm wide and 26 cm deep. These requirements meet most models of diagonal TVs up to 32 inches (81 cm) and 40-42 inches (102-107 cm).

Installation and use are simple. The Bose Solo TV system is connected to the TV with only one cable. The other one should be plugged into an electrical outlet. There is no need to install additional equipment or wiring. The system is supplied with a remote control, but it can also be operated with most universal remotes.

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