Prison for visiting the ISIS support page

French media reports that a man sentenced to visiting ISIS support site. The defendant has been sentenced to two years' imprisonment and must pay 30,000 euros in fines.

The fight against the Islamic State must be ruthless, because only in this way can the threat be eliminated. But sometimes it takes on a strange form, as in the case of a man living in France who will serve two years in prison and pay a fine for visiting the ISIS supporter.

The man regularly visited one of the websites supporting the Islamic State. Although during the investigation he tried to defend himself, claiming that he was only peering out of pure curiosity, it showed that he was a bit more committed to supporting jihadists than he claimed.

His computer had ISIS 'Daesh flag set as wallpaper and the computer password was a reference to the terrorist attack that took place in Paris during the Eagles of Death Metal concert. The police on his phone also found many pictures and films related to the Islamic State.

Although no evidence was found that the man was planning an attack. However, a radical change in his appearance (he grew beard and began to wear military garb), and behavior, did not allow such an eventuality to exclude.