NASA wants to detect and explore asteroids

The explosion of meteorite over Russian Chelyabinsk has shown everyone how vulnerable our planet is to the threat of cosmic rock. NASA has decided to remedy this, and together with Planetary Resources' startup, is preparing a solution that should minimize the risk of asteroid strikes in the future.

This summer, a project called the Asteroid Grand Challenge was launched to develop solutions to not only identify asteroids flying close to our planet, but also to study them, redirecting them to the moon's orbit, where they could be addressed later.

The project is co-ordinated by Planetary Resources, which previously favored Kickstarter funding to fund a space telescope. Asteroids are the main focus of the group and their goal is to create an automated mine that will extract resources from them and then make money selling them. This is why cooperation with the space agency has been established, as the objectives of both entities are in this case convergent.

The first stage of the challenge will begin next year, and more information on this subject will be obtained directly from the source, which is on the NASA website.