Facebook will improve the stability of spherical films

Facebook intends to streamline spherical films. Programmers working for Marek Zuckerberg will focus primarily on providing them with greater stability. Thanks to this, viewers who watch poorly recorded content will no longer suffer from nausea.

Movies recorded at 360 degrees are increasingly gaining in popularity and appear not only on YouTube, but also recently on Facebook. Special-purpose video cameras are designed for viewing on VR goggles, allowing you to look around the movie you've created in this way.

Unfortunately, most of the cameras do not have image stabilization systems, so the recorded material often shakes and the whole looks very chaotic. If it is not recorded correctly, it can cause nausea and can not be seen by the viewer. Facebook draws a helping hand to authors of such content and launches a new algorithm that will stabilize spherical recording.

The company explains that the algorithm developed by its programmers uses the new deformation model of motion rotation, developed specifically for 360-degree movies. By optimizing the specified parameters, the recording becomes much smoother, as you can see in the sample video

Technology still requires a lot of work before it is publicly available, but the first effects are very promising.