Adblock Fast returns to the Google Play Store

A few days ago, Google decided to remove Adblock Fast, a tool used to block ads from the Google Play Store digital store. By the way, a couple of other similar programs have been removed. The Internet giant apparently decided that the decision was taken too hastily because the application had just returned to the digital store.

Pretty recently, Samsung announced that its corporate web browser, available for smartphones, is equipped with plug-in support to block ads displayed on the pages viewed, and one such application is Adblock Fast.

The creators of the program may have been surprised by Google's announcement of the removal of Adblock Fast from the Google Play Store. The company explained that the app violates Section 4.4 of the developer's agreement, which is interfering with the operation of the device or network, and therefore the sale has been suspended.

The Rocketship company responsible for creating the app appealed against this decision, and it was an effective appeal because the program returned to the digital store. However, Google did not give a comprehensive explanation, which would allow us to understand the motives of the company that led to the earlier removal of the program.